Tinder in Barcelona!

Don’t cringe just yet! This isn’t your typical Tinder post describing how creepy and unoriginal men are becoming online. Although I have been a victim of that stratagem too.

Still,  it’s not that type of story, this is about me and my ongoing experience to find a group of people to create a niche of my own in the metropolis of Barcelona.

I am sure most of you have heard of the renowned dating app called Tinder, it is used for various purposes including dating and hook-ups. However, I didn’t use the app for dating purposes, I was impatient to meet new people and locals in Barcelona to help me improve my Spanish rapidly. The app is known for its perverse users, who always cross and drive you to the edge of life. My profile was quite explicit, and clearly stated what I was looking for: FRIENDSHIP,” Hi, I just moved to Barcelona, I am looking to meet other locals and make new FRIENDS, I am only here for FRIENDSHIP, please read BEFORE swiping right.” I remember one fella making fun of me because of the emphasis I had put on the word friendship written in bold and in capital letters.

What I enjoyed about this app is that I got to practice my Spanish daily with locals, however, the chase was still there, you had men who still believed they’d  find true love there, not that there haven’t been any precedents before because there have and quite a few actually. I am just not there. One said to me; “but what if you end up falling for a guy to whom you said you were only pursuing an amicable relationship.” I always gave the same answer “I am currently not in that state of mind, therefore, it is not an issue for me at the moment.”

I had to call one guy out because he kept sending me kisses and calling sweet names, it was a sticky situation because by nature I am not a mean girl and I do not like playing that role, but with age comes maturity, and you should not let anyone make you feel uncomfortable no matter what. Especially online! I briefly asked him, why he was on the app and explained the sole reason of my existence there. I’m sorry I don’t know you, you can’t just start sending me kisses and making date plans on your own and somehow pushing me to agree, desperation was roaming in the air and I was not about to be the one to fill whatever void he was feeling.

That said, I’ve met some incredible blokes, honest truth, friendlier that I ever imagined, this one guy gave me a whole bunch of tips and awesome spots to visit in Barcelona, he lives near a skatepark and invited me whenever I was ready to skate or whatever. Many said they wouldn’t mind showing me around (sounded genuine ha-ha). So, I do have many contacts and will be meeting them in 2017.


What’s my take on Tinder in Barcelona?

  • I say go for it, just make sure you specify your reasons for being on the APP, that way you decrease your chances of any creep swiping right!
  • Advice for the ladies, if any are date for amicable reasons, I wouldn’t recommend posting provocative pictures


What to look out for:

  • People tend to post pictures that show their best features

I’ve seen it with my own eyes, after exchanging Instagram names, I guess you can call this the verification process, it helps depict any sort of catfishing.

Some guys forehead was way bigger on his IG pictures than on Tinder, which is why he wore beanies on all his Tinder pictures. (I don’t judge! I am just sharing what to expect and what people do)

I also dealt with a guy who drove a lot of attention to his dimples and sweet face rather than the rest of his not so fit body.

You’ll get all shades of people,  despite that, at the end of the day you’re the boss of you own life, you decide who talk to and who to unmatch, it all depends on your reasons for being there I suppose. I am looking for friends, therefore, I focus on people who share similar interest as me, skateboarding, running, fitness, dancing all sort of stuff that relate to what I enjoy doing.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post, if you have experienced something different or similar on tinder please do share 🤗



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