Moving to Barcelona


I am in Love with Barcelona

I’ve had the opportunity to visit Barcelona twice in the past 4 years, coincidentally it always happened in the summer! Considering myself a tourist, I did what any other visitor likes to do, I toured distinguished touristic sites such as La Sagrada Familia, place d’Espagne, Arc de Triomphe you get my drift. During those visits, I was constantly flooded in a lake of diverse ethnicities!!

SO ! Imagine my surprise, when I finally set my eyes on Barcelona as my future hometown, a place I believed to be incredibly diverse, multicultural and all that! Boy, I was wrong,  the detail of diversity was nothing but a deception! Barcelona is not a city with many coloured (black) individuals such as I, and as a result, I receive a lot of unwanted attention. Something I never dealt with in the past. I lived in Lyon, London and Manchester and I never had these problems. Don’t get me wrong the unwanted attention has not yet infringed to acts of  racism, I simply get stared a lot and I stand out a lot. (I cannot afford to trip or buckle in the streets!! An excellent practice for American Next Top model ! AHa JK)


Nonetheless, I love this place, it’s so vast and I know for a fact that it’ll take me forever to know my way around this big city. La Gente is friendly and approachable ( they walk too slowly for my taste in the tube but that’s about it).

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with you about Barcelona!!


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